Volta Wiki

the undead Barons wield “dark mirrors” of the Voltan barional weapons, though some have lost their access to these dark weapons. The actual heritage weapons are “confused” because two barons, one living and one dead, are calling on them at once.

Ian Gerling – former Baron of Cathym, linked to Ice (An enemy to Daniel Redpath) - He intends to stand against The Horde and will watch from the lake. If asked for help he will come. Commands Cathym Ghouls.

Cannud Barnae – former Baron of Zarkym, linked to Earth, commands Zarkym Revenants

Melliagre Dalton – former Baron of Anym, linked to Fire, commands Anym Wraiths/Fire Wraiths

Uma Kindall – former Baroness of Dinsdale, linked to Air