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Appears as a human man with round spectacles and a large book strapped to his back. Inquisitive, but also absentminded. Most anything you tell him, he will quickly forget. But he can rediscover the information he "knows" if given time, because it seems that everything he is told and any information he is given is magically stored in the book he carries. So he might not remember the name of the town you just told to him about, but he can look it up in his book. The information stored in the Keeper's book is not particularly well organized, though. The Libronomicon has made dismissive remarks about its dislike for the way the Keeper handles information - how he's very messy and disorganized.

May, 610 - The Keeper returned to Volta after not being seen for a number of months. His demeanor had changed and he had a black substance running from his ears and mouth. Upon speaking with him, we learned that the Keeper had been gone on a difficult and dangerous mission for some time, and had also been occupied by a meeting with his creator. The Keeper, though he appears to look like a man, is a creation designed to gather information - created by the same one who created the Libranomicon. The black substance the Keeper was "bleeding" is ink. The Keeper still continues to go places and gather information, though after his meeting with his creator, the Keeper is now free to make his own decisions about where he goes and what information he gathers.

If you write a question down and give it to the Keeper, he will try to find the answer to the question for you. When you see him, give him a piece of paper with your question written on it - try to stick to only one, concisely-worded question per page, and make certain to sign your name to the question. If he does not know who asked him the question, the Keeper is forced to waste time wandering around trying to find the question's owner. If you wish your question and its answer to remain private, you should also write that on your question.

The Keeper died in April of 611 after being sent after some very dangerous knowledge. He was destroyed by Isil (one of Voidheart's apprentices).