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Isil Calenor ("Brightfire" is an old name given to one of his ancestors/family members - see The Journal) is one of Voidheart's minions.

General Info[]

He has two forms that I am aware of - one is with pale skin and a black X across his face, and another where he looks like (I believe) a normal elf. He is a very powerful mage (a possible adept of Helevorn) in either form. When in the pale form, he can reflect magic at will, and also absorb magic and elemental attacks and convert them into corruption which he can use to heal himself or attack with. Casters should not bother throwing at him.

Isil is the individual responsible for the corruption of the magical barrier over Volta that was originally created by Tarlov. As of May 610, a number of people are still working to find ways to either decontruct, cleanse, or destroy the barrier in a way that will not allow the corruption in it to spread to the lands of Volta and to the elemental planes. Elemental lords on numerous planes are also looking to destroy the barrier in order to protect themselves for its taint of corruption, though the elementals' methods of dealing with the barrier will likely have little concern for the well-being of Volta and its people.


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