On 2/20/610, Archwizard Shoshoto led a town meeting to organize the efforts against Daniel Redpath. This article lists the groups and point people working on the various aspects.

Aspects of Daniel Redpath to Target/ResearchEdit

Dream Aspect –

Working On/Interested In – Anyasha, Cynnir, Omi, Tavi, Felix

Point Person – Omi

Life Knight – Daniel got in trouble with Sir Aiden of the Plane of Life for how he manipulated and hurt Dawn and Midnight. This angle is considered to be more follow-up at this point. Sir Aiden, it is believed, answers to Lord Vitreous.

Working On/Interested In – Nightshine, Anyasha, Omi, Trivanus, Torrin

Point Person – Anyasha

Liche – Anyasha has some information about his spirit that might be relevant. This is one of the most important parts with a lot of information that needs to be collected.

Working On/Interested In – Ashe

Point Person –

Shaman of Ice – From the Soothsayer - It is difficult to take a shaman from his path. One thing that we have to do such a thing is the Obsidian Dagger.

Working On/Interested In – Martimus, Sorari, Ashe, Shoshoto, Torrin, Garion

Point Person – Sorari

Power of the Redpath Blood – Killing Razor or Grenditch could potnetially minimize blood powers.

Working On/Interested In – Cynnir, Anyasha, Trivanus

Point Person – Cynnir

Talmar Aspect – In life, Talmar was more powerful than Daniel and his will will always be his own.

Working On/Interested In – Omi, Azure (short male Sarr with glasses, wears blue), Marina

Point Person – Omi

Hordestones - Daniel has placed one within his own chest. They are invisible to the Soothsayer. Little else is known about them

Working On/Interested In - Telaris, Shoshoto

Point Person -

Allies of Daniel RedpathEdit

Razor Working On/Interested In – Angus Lunarsong, Morak, Anyasha, Cynnir, Fiddle

Point Person – Anyasha

Lord of Probable Outcomes Working On/Interested In – Telaris, Shoshoto, Rillien, Trivanus, Swift

Point Person – Telaris

Wendigo/The Wendigo’s Champion – Working On/Interested In – Martimus, Omi, Anyasha

Point Person – Martimus

Note - Turning point = March 20, 610

The Crystalsmith Working On/Interested In – Rillien, Drake, Omi

Point Person – Rillien

Risen Former Barons of Volta Working On/Interested In – members of the baronial courts

Point Person – the Barons or their representatives will be the point people

Lady Septimus of the Black Iron Gate – Working On/Interested In – Telaris, Trivanus, Omi, Anyasha, Nightshine, Drake, Martimus, Morak

Point Person – Drake

General Xakenna GormWorking On/Interested In – Arias, Anyasha, Morak, Trivanus, Drake, Jackson, the Court of Dinsdale

Point Person – Jackson

Yuriev of the Wolf Nation Working On/Interested In – Fiddle, Martimus

Point Person – Fiddle

Note - Yuriev (and most of the Wolf Nation) is now aligned with other nations under Duke Reynard Voltan, the Chief of Chiefs

The Tinkerer/The Hunchback – Working On/Interested In – Fiddle, Tavi, Shoshoto, Torrin, Garion

Point Person – Fiddle

The Bear Shaman of Kincora – Defeated, no longer working with Daniel

Lord Vitreous of the Plane of Life - Working On/Interested In – Nightshine, Anyasha, Omi, Trivanus, Torrin, Garion

Point Person – Anyasha

Possible Allies to RecruitEdit

Lords of Death

Point Person – Baylor

Things in the Mountains - People who went digging in holes in the mountains came out "changed". Not recommended.

Point Person –

People Aligned with Fire

Point Person – Arias, Zaneth


Point Person – Zanath

Free Companies in Volta

Point Person – the baronial courts

Contact on the Plane of Dream

Point Person – Omi

The Azure Flame

Point Person – Dinsdale

The Dark Elves

Point Person – Shoshoto


Point Person – Anyasha


Point Person – Martimus, Sorari

The Ralasharr

Point Person – Sorari

Other Unicorns

Point Person – Nightshine

The Icewood

Point Person – Kade

Fae Courts

Point Person –

Enemies of Daniel RedpathEdit

Bear Nation -

The Black Hats -

Point Person - Fiddle, Torrin

Ram Tribe -

Point Person - Arias, Trivanus

ian Gerling - In the lake until called upon

Dawn and Midnight -

Wolf Nation -

Martin Redpath -

Point Person - Cynnir

North Wind -

Point Person - Garion