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An Earldom, formerly the county of Lower Volta, consisting of the baronies of Anym and Zarkym

Nobles of Southmark[]

Earl - Darren Fendahl


Capital: Haster

Intrigues: Numerous intrigues involving the guilds.

The County of Southmark is the most economically developed area in Volta. The majority of the manufacturing and trades are done here, as this County borders three Duchies. The merchant and craft guilds hold the most political influence in this County. The Baronies of Zarkym and Anym are part of this Earldom.


Estates in Anym[]


Nestled in the Anymdin Mountains, the Town of Axelburg is a key outpost along the western border of Volta shared with the Duchy of Niman. Within view of the Nimani Castle at Gorm Kherz across the River Hadran, the citizens of Axelburg are primarily miners and smiths who ferry their goods south along the river and then overland east to Verdinburg. This estate was previously a part of the Barony of Anym but reverted to an Earldom estate when Baroness Cynthia Timmons established the former Earldom estate of Ostburg as the new Capital City of Anym.

Population: 1,200.

Resources: Iron and Metal Goods.


Capital of Southmark

Poised in the foothills of the Anymdin Mountains, the City of Haster has become one of the leading markets for crystals in Volta. Raw crystal is harvested from the nearby caverns and traded to merchants to create all manner of products. Business has increased significantly since the liberation of the Duchy of Ashbury from the Sessaur.

Population: 6,800.

Resources: Precious Gems (Crystals).


With the shift in the southern Baronial borders, the Town of McClaren, formerly an estate in the Barony of Zarkym, is now within the borders of the Barony of Anym. The McClaren family has a long history of master brewers who maintain the proud tradition of producing Voltan Ale, famous as the the best ale throughout Evendarr. This hereditary estate relies on the hops, barley, and wheat imported from Tallon's Hold as key ingredients in its many fine concoctions.

Population: 1,700.

Resources: Voltan Ale.

Estates in Zarkym[]


Donnerau Castle sits at the southern end of Lake Ardynn and serves as the anchor point for the ships that patrol Volta’s portion of Lake Ardynn. It is also the waypoint for troop rotations from Tallon’s Hold and Unity to reinforce troops stationed in Grunfield. Adventurers and local townsfolk in the vicinity of Donnerau have reported strange sightings ever since an ancient tower emerged from the mists rolling off of Lake Ardynn. None have managed to find the entrance to the tower once entering the strange mists that have remained in place since December of 606 ER. The prevailing opinion is that the tower is a device created by The Dark Path to slowly corrupt the land and turn all of the citizens of Zarkym into undead.

Population: 4,700.

Resources: Arms and Armor, Fishing, Ship Building.