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This Present DarknessEdit

Volta finds itself facing the autumn chill with a sense of foreboding. Unrest roams the land, with twisted shades of long-dead Barons moving to dread purpose. A seige still rolls on in Cathym. Anym finds its forests and roads harried by fire-wraiths. The land itself quakes in Zarkym, as reports of collapsed mines are heard, pulled down from within by some mighty force. Dinsdale finds the people plagued in the night by the ghosts of long-dead Highlanders.

There is little doubt that the Voltan heart, once committed, is difficult to sway. But when eyes turn to Unity and see a foreign Duke upon the throne and the founders of Volta rising in revolt, who can blame the Voltan heart for turning away in conflict?
Some look to the nobles that have served them so well in the past for direction. Some look to the old families, the old bloodlines of Volta for inspiration. All turn their eyes to Unity, to the Council of Lords, hungry for news.
Threats abound. Wolves the size of men maraud through Upper Volta, packs of wolves that hunt with cunning that belies their animal forms. Taverns fill with tales of sleepless nights, rife with nightmares. The Northman tribes rumble with rumors that The Champion, The Ram, The Mountain has departed, to places unknown, leaving the Black Dagger behind in worthy hands. Tribes of Goblinoids come together in bands, vile opportunists, taking advantage of the division in the lands.
And always, always, the looming winter comes, with elegant, mocking laughter on the winds.
The autumn nights are dark in Volta, and eyes turn to the brave adventurers and wise nobles who gather in Volta. Give us a light, they seem to say. Give us a light. Lead us from this present darkness.

Progress MadeEdit

High Shaman Uma led a group into the Dream where we confirmed what we had learned through a Dream Vision - the Staff of the High Shaman of the Bear Nation, had been taken by the Badger. We also learned what needed to be done to recover it.

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