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Whats happening NowEdit

Coyote Nation has become a thing, apparently killing and rebuilding a new Coyote totem that their Chieftain can corrupt. 

The Arcane Continuum are here studying the Voltan people seeking a new place for them to gain trophies or whatever it is they're looking for.

This is very basic someone please feel free to expand on things.

Luft Castle retakenEdit

Posted by Shoshoto, on behalf of General Tristan Eastwyck.

Tristan Eastwyck retakes Luft Castle

Despite heavy desertion from the Wolf Nation under orders from their leader Uriev, Tristan Eastwyck started a major offensive push in the North about 3 weeks ago. The fighting has been intense, with every step we take and hold in the North, more of our blood is spilled. The push has yielded its first major reward, as late last night Tristan and his forces retook Luft Castle. This great victory has not come without its cost as hundreds of our Voltan brethren have been taken by the other side. Volta’s loss only strengthens our resolve. We will not let their sacrifice be for nothing. We will continue this push into and over the Frostpeaks if necessary to remove the plague known as Redpath from this duchy.

Report from the Battle:

Mission: Retaking Luft Castle

It is believed the champion of Former Baroness Uma Kindall, who is now undead, was seen leaving as our forces gathered around the castle.

The Castle was under siege 4 days prior to the attack to weaken their defenses and numbers.

Forces within the castle:

Numerous types of undead, including revenants, ghasts and 3 death knights

Forces Attacking:

Voltan 11th, 14th and 22nd infantry divisions, Voltan 3rd and 5th archers, a group of the Bear Nation, numbering approximately 500, leading at least another 200 barbarians from multiple other tribes, and the Voltan 2nd and 4th rangers(pulled out of scouting and reconnaissance missions to fill the gap left by the abandonment of Wolf Nation)

Time of Battle: 2 days, ending at approximately 3am on Thursday April 22, 610

Mission Successful: Luft Castle has been retaken

Reported by:
Captain Shoshoto under direct orders from Tristan Eastwyck