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Going In[]

Storm Warning
The season changes and spring comes, stirring dull roots to life. Storms blacken the sky for long days, rain driving people inside. But as the rain ends, the sun peeks through, and light comes once more to the land, bringing warmth and the promise of life to the rain-soaked land. The people move once more out of their shelter, and into the world.
The people of Volta have weathered many storms. Storms of war and magic, of treachery and heroism. Blood has fallen like rain over the land, driving people inside. The adventures of Volta have striven hard to change the season, systematically dismantling Volta's enemies, standing unflinchingly in the face of the storms.
As May comes to a close, the adventures find themselves in the capitol city of Unity. Storms are brewing around them. Redpath makes his bid to usurp the sovereignty of the Duchy. Creatures of flesh and corruption stalk the land. The politics of the fey courts spill over into this realm. These storms bring their terrible power to bear upon Unity. Only you stand between these storms and the people, only you can shelter the promise of life in the future.
Only you can make the difference between life and death.


  • The Lord of Necessary Sacrifices gave adventurers talismans to place upon the Beast of Flesh, so that it's movements might be tracked.
  • Reynard Voltan and Daniel Redpath each obtained versions of the Ducal weapon, True Hope. When they dueled to determine who was the rightful bearer of the sword, Daniel's shattered on the first blow.
  • Adrick Voltan's body was recovered from the Hall of Kings
  • Artos Voltan was revealed to be a vampire, who had used various false identities to serve within the voltan nobility for generations. He is a member of the Horde, and was with Crassus's Hadrani forces when they first came to Volta.
  • General Alexander Grenditch, Lord of Velno, died his final death in the collapse of Uagadougou, following a battle with Artos.
  • His son, Cornwell Grenditch (allso known as Razor) was freed from Daniel Redpath's grip and has returned to the living.
  • Daniel Redpath commanded Lady Septimus to sack Unity, but Artos convinced her to abandon that mission and return with him to Crassus in the North.
  • The Summer and Winter Courts, in alliance, reclaimed Caer Afaloc, where they found Lady Mournwyn waiting.