A Lord of the Plane of Reason, and skilled tactician. He can be hired to advise someone during a conflict. Currently in a contract with Daniel Redpath. Appears as a stone elven man with black and white checkers over one eye. Often arranges to play poker or other games with adventurers, and has been known to rig the deck in various ways to see how people will consequently change their strategy.

We should *not* fight him head on. He has worked for many powerful people and is owed favors by many and has built up great personal resources in case he ever has to do battle. He will stop actively advising Daniel Redpath when he perceives that his side is on the path to inevitable defeat.

The Lord has agreed to tell the adventurers when he is no longer under contract with Daniel Redpath. This will be when the Lord has projected one side, either ours or Daniel's, to win the confrontation. But the Lord will not, at that time, tell us which side he has predicted will win.

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