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Going In[]

False Redemption[]

It has been a hundred years. In that time you have seen the fall of the country you love. You have seen its most revered families tarnished. You have seen the people you swore to defend bend knee to a tyrant from a black kingdom. All that you loved and fought for turned black and rotten.
It has been a hundred years, and the loss still cuts you like a knife.
It comes back to you, again and again, that first moment of loss, as you make your way west. The moment you heard that the impossible had happened, that the undefeatable had been laid low by treachery. Time stopped. The sun no longer shone as it once did. Your breath caught in your chest. No one thing had affected your life nearly as much, not even your death. There was before that moment, when you heard that news, and there was after. It cut your life into two pieces, as neatly as if it were done with an axe.
It has been a hundred years, and nothing has been the same since.
And now, in service to your oaths, you go to the one place in the country you love you wished never to return to. A land of darkness for you, but no less a part of the land you are sworn to. A place you hate, but a place you need to make things right.
It has been a hundred years, and now you return to Dinsdale.

Progress Made[]

Learned of the Staff of the High Shaman of the Bear Nation, which would be key to helping the Bear Totem return. Chief Bron accepted finding the staff as Martimus' Task of Adulthood.

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