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Some information on the Free Companies of Volta

About Free Companies[]

Voltan Free Companies are independent bands of mercenary troops and are usually well-respected defenders of the Duchy. Free Companies are typically used to augment standing Voltan forces in times of war and often specialize in forms of combat that require longer periods of training that is not available in the form of a mobilized militia. Such companies are often formed at the end of periods of conflict, when men-at-arms are no longer needed by their respective governments.

For a Free Company to be formed, the Duke of Volta requires that a charter be submitted to the Ducal Clerk of Records. The charter must provide details of the structure of the Free Company in addition to naming the Company's leader as well as any sworn allegiances the Company may hold. Free Companies sworn into the service of a Baron, Earl, or Duke may manage an estate within said noble's domain. In such cases, the leader of the Free Company is considered to be a vassal of the noble and is accorded all of the associated rights and privileges of such a position, which may also include being named a Knight or a Lord. In times of war, Free Companies sworn into the service of a noble serve under that noble's military command.

List of Voltan Free Companies[]

Barony of Anym

Murphy's Rangers

The Trellheim Irregulars

Barony of Cathym

The Feared

Thorgrim's Company

T'Shok's Band

Barony of Dinsdale

The Azure Flame

Bolton's Brigade

The Brothers of the Broken Circle

The Greencloaks

Barony of Zarkym

The Caravaneers

No current sworn allegiances:

The Emerald Legion