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  • The Soothsayer entered into battle with Voidheart, where he will remain until he wills himself to die. He does this so that we may focus on destroying Voidheart's minions without interference.
  • A great divination was cast on the topic of Voidheart and his minions, and information was learned about their pasts.
  • Twinfang was restored to Theon Dayne
  • A moot was held, which was won by Bear. Bear chose the Gryphon chief as champion, to hold the black knife.
  • The Bear chieftan, Bron, stepped down to hunt Tristan Eastwyck in the North, making Martimus the new chieftain.
  • The vampire Winterfang was hunted down and killed, but not permanently
  • Rillien removed Shugi from the ranks of Voidheart's minions, though he continues to exist as a creature of Nightmare
  • Hytham, a squire of Time, recruited the help of adventurers to weaken Voidheart by removing "hooks" of corruption that have been placed in various points of time in Volta's history.