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Going InEdit


As always, winter is a dark time in Volta. But this winter seems particularly dark. Since the turning of the new year, it as if the nights are darker, the winter colder. It is as if a great shining light that lit and warmed the land had been abruptly blown out. In that darkness, things move slowly but with purpose, peering out from the dark paths that had previously been their domains.
But even in the absence of that great light, in the face of the overwhelming darkness, there is light. Azure Flames, defiant, burning in the darkness, keeping the darkness at bay.
The remnants of the Wolf Nation stand with Redpath in the north, threatening still to fall upon the people.
The forces of Ian Gerling, fallen former Baron of Cathym has taken his forces north, slamming into Redpath's forces with his own army of abominations. As an unexpected favor to the Volta he has always professed to love, Gerling holds Redpath back, defiant.
The heart of Volta has seen sporadic attacks in the various Baronies by the undead abominations that call Volta their own. But in no place have these attacks been more vicious, more blood thirsty, than in the Barony of Zarkym.
Barnae and his Knight, along with their revenant army, have passed the same ultimatum to each and every city in Zarkym; “I made this Barony. I raised it up from the earth. You who dwell here now defy my right to rule, you refuse to bow to my will. Hear this now, defiant ones, hear this, cities and castles of Zarkym.
You will either bend knee to my rule again, or I will return you to the ground I built you from.”
Even in the face of the threat of devastation, in the face of a hopeless ultimatum, the people of Zarkym stand, defiant, strong voices in the face of an army.
Even in the cold of winter, before sinister laughter, the people of the Bear Nation stand resolute, defiant, strong in the face of evil.
The voice in the north says, “Yield.”
The voice in the darkness says, “Bend.”
The voice in the wind says, “Eat.”
The voice in the alders says, "Give."
The voice of war itself says, “Kneel.”
The people of Volta say, simply, proudly, heroically, “No.”
Even in these dark times, the people of Volta stand.