Going In

United We Stand

The winter in Volta has been harsh.
The snow has fallen, day and night, the wind has screeched out threats, bearing the sounds of screaming to those bundled by the fires scattered through the Duchy.
The winter is bleak. Travel is near impossible. Storms roar through the mountains and over the plains. Harsh, dark things wander in the night.
In Cathym, undead walk in the night, ghouls leave slaughtered animals and frozen fish at the steps of all those who are not actively standing against the Thing that has taken up residence and which calls itself the True Baron. The people of Cathym are well fed, if scared, while the armies
of Baron Theon Dayne starve and freeze.
Then, one night, when the winter seemed it could get no worse, Volta had a dream.
Every thing capable of dreaming saw the same image.
A man, standing on a pile of stones, a fire raging behind him. He stands, proud, strong, and raises over his head a weapon.
A knife, carved of blackest stone.
Along with this image is the knowledge that a welcome has been extended, that a call has gone forth, and that each one is invited. There would be no warfare between those that accepted the invitation, no interference with those who would respond to the call.
Upon waking, the first to venture out were the old, who had heard the call in the past. The moved into the storm, moved only by faith, and the storm gave way before them. Those who followed enjoyed the same protection.
Blacksmiths and coopers wake up and remember the totems they heard about around their parents’ campfires. Even those who have turned away from the old ways and dwell in the cities of Volta remember the tribes of birth and hear the whispers of their totems.
Those that can, travel to Unity. The old, the shamans, the story-tellers speak of previous gatherings. They speak of games of skill, of wit, of strength and speed. They tell of a great tradition of stories told by firelight, of totems made flesh. They speak of a council of chiefs, and
of a leader emerging.
It is a time of gathering, a time of trials, a time of competition, and ultimately, a time of Unity.

Progress Made

  • Reynard Voltan named the Chief of Chiefs (or Great Chief)
  • Wolf Nation and Bear Nation agree to a truce
  • Chief Gertrude becomes the Champion of Volta as the Ram wins the moot

==New Problems == The non-combatants of the Wolf Nation are still being held captive by the forces of Daniel Redpath and must be freed before the Wolf Nation can openly fight on our side.

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