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The rebuilding of Ardynn has begun. Aid had begun trickling into the fallen city immediately after its destruction, with tales of the Court of Zarkym's efforts moving even the stingiest of Zarkym's rich to charity. In the past months, a small settlement has sprung up just outside of the affected area, becoming a hub of incoming aid, as well as a stop for other trade caravans moving through the Duchy.
Ardynn is not without its dangers; the abomination Barnae’s revenants menace the settlements at times, and aftershocks still shake the ground on occasion. Storms have sprung up with little warning out of the nights, driving the people indoors. Thugs and cutthroats haunt the night, extorting money where they can, and spilling blood where they can’t. Dark figures lurk in the
periphery whispering about black magics.
It has always been said that gold is the heart of Zarkym. But watching the people standing on the edge of such a bleak landscape, seeing them brave the horrors of the night and the toil of the day, the truth becomes very evident.
Within each citizen of Zarkym is a heart of gold. It falls now to the nobles and adventurers who travel to Volta to support these fine people. The destruction was severe, but that was the past. It is time now to turn towards the future, to rebuild and move forward. And if the people of Zarkym are any indicator, the future will be as bright
and brilliant as gold.

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