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Going In[]

Voices in the Dark[]

The cold has come to Volta again.
If you listen, you can hear it fall, a smothering blanket that slows the blood and halts the weak, whisking them away from their mortal lives.
If you listen, you can hear it.
The cheers of adulation from the warm, lit dwellings. A new Duke has been chosen, and the people look to him for guidance and a return to order and peace. The Tribes of Volta gather to him, to their chiefs and champion. The Mountain has returned, and with her, hope of defeating the enemies of the Tribes. The people of the Wolf have been freed at great cost. The Bear waits and peers into the murky Dream.
If you listen, you can hear it.
The mountains creak and groan with the weight of snow, the weight of ages, and whatever walks among them.
If you listen, you can hear it.
The winds carry the roars of rage from Redpath’s grisly throne, and the gentle chime of a woman’s laugh.
If you listen, you can hear it.
Unknown friends and ancient enemies pause and look to one another as the snow begins to fall.
If you listen, you can hear it.
The call to Unity has come once more. The year draws down to its close, and all stop to listen, listen to the unease of thousands, the solitary cry of one who falls, the racing hunger drawing near, the thundering of your own heartbeat. All turns toward the heart.
If you listen, you can hear it.

Progress Made[]

  • The Staff of the High Shaman of the Bear Nation was recovered
  • The Spirits of Chief Bron and his men were rescued from The Dream
  • The Bear Totem returned in the form of a Great Silver Bear
  • The Wendigo is forbidden from claiming any of the Bear Tribe for the rest of the winter.

Personal Note[]

Martimus completes his task of adulthood. Baron Martimus and High Shaman Uma are married.

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