Volta Wiki

Going In[]

Fall of the Mighty[]

Castle Aberdeen has fallen to Daniel Redpath. Earl Artos Voltan has put out a call to arms to all those who would stand for Volta. We gather on the Sixth day of December, 608 ER, at Luft Castle.
The Drums of War sound in Volta once more. Will you hear their call?
The lines have been drawn. The battle declared. Will you stand and fight?

Progress Made[]

Many members of the Bear Nation were being controlled by the Totem, which was being controlled by the Shaman from Kincora.

We cut down Bron and Uma at which point they were able to regain thier senses. Felix worked with The Weaver and other adventurers to gather things needed to weave a trap upon The Dream where once he entered the Bear Shaman and the Bear Totem would not be able to leave. We cut down the Totem and the Shaman and killed the Shaman. The Bear Totem was greatly wounded by this and retreated into the Dream.

The soothsayer was able to help ensure that there was not a void created in the Dream as the Bear recovered from his wounds.

New Problems[]

High Shaman Uma was having dreams of teeth and blood. She thinks this is an omen that Ka-Klen Dakar, the Wendigo, the ancient enemy of the Bear may return.