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Going In[]

A Tangled Skein

I have thought on this at great length, and I have sought the wisdom of those I hold dear. With their counsel, I have decided to take action, for the betterment of Volta. I invite you all to Spider Tribe lands, in the Barony of Anym, there to speak with me and any others who come.
This invitation is made as a citizen of Volta, as a shaman of Grandmother Spider, and as a Weaver of Dreams. If you love the land, abide by its laws, and honor its leaders, then you are welcome.
It is my hope that I may help you, the guardians and defenders of Volta, with what skill I have in the dreaming. Let matters of dream and nightmare, of totem and elemental, of shaman and villain, be brought forward and let us hold counsel. I will help you if I can.
I believe that the time has come for us to be one people. That the separate threads of our lives are not enough to bear the weight of the trials we face. We must take those threads, Northman and man, noble and commoner, guild member and worker, mage and healer, warrior and thief, and weave of them one nation. One Kingdom. One Volta.
It is in the web we weave of that unity that we will catch our enemies. It is in that web that we will cradle those we hold dear. It is in that web of profound dedication that we will find victory.

Dream well,

The Weaver

High Shaman of Grandmother Spider

Northman of the Spider Tribe.

Citizen of the Barony of Anym

Citizen of Evendarr


  • Glavar of the Azure Flame was recovered
  • Daniel Redpath was stripped of his stolen power over the Dreaming